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Talent Release Terms & Conditions

Most 2021 conference Zoom sessions will be recorded, and the recordings may contain your name, image, voice, or chat box contributions. Session recordings will be posted publicly on YouTube and distributed on our website and the Blandin on Broadband blog.

By selecting 'Yes' to the I agree to the Talent Release Terms & Conditions button below:

  • I hereby grant the Blandin Foundation, and anyone authorized by them, the right to put any or all still photographs, audio recordings, videotapes or films to uses they may deem proper. 
  • Further, I relinquish and give the Blandin Foundation all right, title and interest I may have in the finished production and copies of the original photographs, audio recordings, videotapes or film and the right to sell, license, transfer or exhibit for any purpose including advertising or trade purposes together with the right to copyright the same in its own name or any name it may select without charge or cost being paid to or claimed by me. 

Questions?  Email Mary Magnuson at