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School Attending Next Year

Where will you be going to school next year? Undecided? List your current top choice; changes can be made in the future.

Please indicate the highest degree you currently plan to pursue.

If this is your first year in college, please enter ‘0’

Questions? Call Jen Alger at 1-877-882-2257 or send an email to scholarships@blandinfoundation.org.

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Please include your parents and siblings.

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If you did not file taxes, please upload a document describing other sources of income.
Example: 2021 Federal Tax Return
Example: 2021 Federal Tax Return

Save a copy of your Student Aid Report from www.fafsa.gov to your personal computer and then 'Choose File' button to Upload. This document will be approximately 11 pages.

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If your household is facing unusual circumstances such as recent job loss, divorce, high medical expenses, etc. we will consider your situation. Please select yes below and we will work with you to collect the information we need to make an award decision.

Please upload documentation of your circumstances (Proof of expenses, proof of payment, current income etc.)

Questions? Call Jen Alger at 1-877-882-2257 or send an email to scholarships@blandinfoundation.org.